Seira-Orange Pearl Mermaid

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Seira-Orange Pearl Mermaid

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Seira (星羅, Seira)
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura
Seira is the future Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean and future keeper of the orange pearl. She appears as a spirit to Lucia, taking the form of a young mermaid. When her time of birth finally came, Michel seized his chance and absorbed Seira into his body, and her birth was therefore delayed until Lucia can retrieve all the pieces of her heart contained in Michel's feathers. Every time Lucia retrieves a piece of her heart from one of Michel's fallen feathers, Seira learns something about an emotion, such as love or friendship. Once born, she is destined to become Orange Pearl Voice. Seira is very child-like and sees the good in Michel, realizing that he has good intentions for the earth.


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